This is a showcase of what we have had to offer

Balwin Properties

We were tasked with intervening on the labour disagreements between the contractors and the labour force


We provided this client with one of the most rarest equipment, which was required in a very timely manner

Azra Developments

Azrah required professional paving to be done on their site so that their project can be completed on time. They commissioned us and we provided them with a stellar service


When the time came for Infracor to install sleeves on their construction site they were at a loss. The one name they called out to was NNI Services for their unsurpassed service delivery

Balwin Properties

 We were the appointed liaison officers for another Balwin Construction site. This time we were placed on standby for any intervention that may be necessary in order to resolve any conflict that may arise

Mwelase Architects

Our security division was tasked with guarding a site for Mwelase construction site. The service offered was brilliant and a new partnership was struck


Boitshoko had a hard time securing a really specific piece of machinery, when NNI Service was contacted. It was done in no time.

Akhane Construction

Akhane Construction had a vision for a lovely paving installation. NNI Services executed the vision perfectly. An attenuation pond was also commissioned

Nothani Engineering

Nothani required civil engineering to be done on their site they chose NNI Services because of their impeccable record.

Labucon Resources

When a well known brand organisation required stormwater pipes on their warehouse in Waterfal City NNI Services was called upon to provide their expertise

Road Tech Engineering

Road Tech Engineering selected NNI Services for various civil services such as paving and plant hire

Edilcon Construction

Edilcon Construction went for quality when they preferred NNI Services as their service provider of choice

Azra Developments

NNI Services was contracted to showcase their paving expertise when Azra Developments selected NNI Services

Labucon Resources

When store required civil works in Kyalami NNI Services did not hesitate to flex their premium workmanship skills

Mike Buyskes

NNI Services was offered the chance to provide earthworks for a well known client and they provided top tier quality work

Sacola Construction

When it comes to earthworks there is no one better suited to it than NNI Services, hence Sacola Construction contracted NNI Services

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